MILTON KEYNES, U.K., March 04, 22 – MSD Animal Health UK, a division of Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, N.J., USA (NYSE:MRK), has announced the appointment of Michael McCreesh as a veterinary consultant at Poultry Sense to support with the roll out of technology on-farm.

Mr McCreesh has nearly 20 years’ experience in the sector, having worked as a mixed animal vet for 16 years in Northern Ireland, he then spent two years heading up the Northern Irish poultry division at MSD Animal Health, Mr McCreesh has made the move to Poultry Sense to further support the farm consultancy division of the business.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to be a part of this fast-developing, unique technology business which provides access to granular on-farm data which can make such a difference to flock performance,” he explains.

Mr McCreesh is joining the team at a momentous time for the business and is eager to take on this exciting venture.

“This ground-breaking technology has the opportunity to revolutionise the poultry sector and I’m excited to be involved in this journey. My previous experience will enable me to provide producers with vital insight, through the farm data, gathered to ensure they get the most out of the technology while improving the overall health and welfare standards of broilers.

“Margins are tight for poultry producers, but with the help of technology like Poultry Sense, productivity can be maximised, and efficiency and profitability optimised,” Mr McCreesh notes.

Mr Beynon speaks highly of their latest recruit, saying that they have a strong team supporting the technology as it continues to gain momentum in the industry, offering support to the wider supply chain.

“Michael is a valuable asset to the team with many years of experience behind him that I trust will enhance the value of Poultry Sense and the consultancy services we provide.”