Having joined the company in 2019 as an apprentice, George Evans works alongside Ben Jones as part of the operations and deployment division of Poultry Sense. He is responsible for the preparation and deployment of the equipment onto UK farms and servicing of the hardware. During his time with the business, he has been integral to the installation of Poultry Sense across multiple UK broiler sites.

We spoke to George about his role within the company and why he believes Poultry Sense is such a benefit to broiler producers.

[Subheading] Q. How is Poultry Sense installed onto UK farms?

A: When we first scope out a site ahead of the technology deployment, we have to take into account the number of birds in a flock when calculating how many sensors are needed in each poultry house. Typically, the Sense Node sensors are deployed at a rate of one per 1,000 birds, and the Sense Node+ and Weigh Sense+ are deployed one per 10,000 birds.

I initially configure all the sensors in our Exeter office, where I add them to the LoRaWAN software so that they are ready to start feeding live data back to the analytics platform once they are installed on-farm. This is the more consuming part of my role and takes a lot of consideration. Once the sensors are ready, it’s a very fast process to get them up and running on-farm and can typically be done within a couple of hours.

[Subheading] What are the benefits of Poultry Sense to farmers?

A. For most farmers, adopting new technology can take some adjusting to. But, once the first few flocks have started providing consistent and reliable data, confidence in the ability of the devices and insight gathered starts to build. Over time we can build a solid relationship with the farmer which is paramount to ensuring we can act on any disruptions or issues that may occur, as well as continuing to improve useability of the technology.

The farmers we work with appreciate the time the technology frees up for their team. Data collection becomes automated once this technology is deployed so labour requirements drop.

I have regular touchpoints with the farms as I return between each flock to charge the battery powered sensors. This is also a good time for me to check on all the technology and see if anything needs replacing or fixing.

[Subheading] Q. What are highlights of the role?

A. The highlights are definitely working closely with forward thinking farmers in the industry looking to improve farm and business efficiency as well as that of the wider supply chain. Building trust with these farmers is a rewarding process and gaining such granular detail on their flock health is invaluable. Our veterinary consultant, Michael McCreesh, and I, have a close relationship with our farmers that helps build a good level of customer trust.

Once the technology is installed and the farmers are able to make the most out of the analytics platform, the requirement to be so ‘hands-on’ declines. Our team manage the technology so closely, which helps reduce the burden at farm level.

To find out more about Poultry Sense and the transformative technology that is being deployed on poultry farms across the UK, visit http://www.poultrysenseltd.com/.