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Top tips on understanding farm data

Data collection is an important part of poultry production. But, without detailed, informed analysis and interpretation, producers are at risk of not using the information provided to its full potential to inform business decisions that help…
Weigh platform for chickens

Utilise data to drive bird performance

Where next for the poultry industry? The sector has made significant steps forward over the last few decades in response to margins continually getting squeezed and consumer expectation increasing. But, it’s time to make further advancements. As…

Poultry Sense team continues to grow

Two new members of staff have joined our team, as the business continues to grow. The latest recruits bring with them an expanse of expertise and have thrown themselves into the fast pace life that Poultry Sense offers. Barry Thorp Barry…

Technology can boost consumer confidence

Despite UK poultry consumption continuing to rise with associated production up 2.2% compared to this time last year[1], it is one of the sectors that still needs greater investment in technology to aid supply chain visibility. Mick Keyes,…
Remote monitoring poultry

Remote monitoring can play a key role in maximising performance during challenging times

With COVID-19 and low pathogenic AI causing broiler farmers to rethink their approach to flock management, the benefit of being able to remotely monitor bird health, welfare and performance is fast becoming apparent. Alan Beynon, managing…
Poultry Sense water sensor

Flock uniformity is an increasingly important driver for the whole industry

Flock uniformity is becoming an increasingly important driver for farmers and processors alike. However, until now there has been no definitive way of measuring or benchmarking this.
Poultry Sense Analysis

Data – is it being used to its full potential?

The whole meat supply chain has a challenge to overcome, with continued environmental and sustainability pressures being placed at its door.
Broiler chicks

The virtues of monitoring broiler bird weight in real-time

Monitoring broiler bird weight is critical to meeting processor requirements, but currently there is no way of accurately tracking this throughout a bird’s life.